331)Number of actin filaments surrounding the myosin filament in the myfibril of skeletal muscle fibre is
2 4
6 8
Answer :

332)What it the minimum strength of nerve impulse required for exciting the muscle fibre is
All or none rule Tetanus
Fatigue Threshold stimulus
Answer :

333)What happens in a contracted muscle fibre
M line disappears H zone elongates
A band disappears I Band remains constant
Answer :

334)The shortest duration muscle contraction is seen in
Intestine Jaws
Eye lids Heart
Answer :

335)Which is the largest and heaviest vertabrae ?
Cervical Thoraic
Lumbar None of these
Answer :

336)The vertabrae in the neck region of the birds is called
Heterocoelous Amphicoelous
Amphiplatyan Opisthocoelous
Answer :

337)Number of vertabro-chondral ribs present in the humans
7 pairs 2 pairs
3 pairs 12 pairs
Answer :

338)How many floating ribs are present in the human?
3 pairs 7 pairs
2 pairs 12 pairs
Answer :

339)In which one of the following bones Deltoid ridge is found?
Tibia Femur
Humerus Radiud
Answer :

340)Where is Sigmoid notch present ?
Radius-ulna Humerus
Tibio-fibula Femur
Answer :

341)Which one of the following is called hip bone
Scapula Manubrium
Coracoid Innominate
Answer :

342)In between ____________ Saddle joint is present
Carpals Radius and Ulna
Carpals and metacarpals of thumb Ulna and Humerus
Answer :

343)What is the Phalangeal formula for hand
23333 3333
3332 3233
Answer :

344)In between __________ hinge joint is present
Humerus and Radio -ulna HUmerus and Pectoral gridle
Femur and Pelvic gridle Femur and Acetabulum
Answer :

345)With which of the following is Glenoid Cavity associated
Pelvic Gridle Coracoid
Clavicle Scapula
Answer :

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