316)In which of the following functions white muscles are not used?
Fast and strenous work for short duration For sustained work at slow rate for a prolonged duration
Moving of eye balls Fast flights as in case of sprrows
Answer :

317)The muscle fatigue occurs due to accumulation of
Lactic acid CO2
Creatine phosphate None of these
Answer :

318)Ca2+ combine with ____________ during muscle contraction in a skeletal muscle fibre.
TPT Tropomyosin
Answer :

319)Time taken by a single muscle twitch is
5 second 1 second
10 second 0.1 second
Answer :

320)Functional unit of a muscle fibre is
Thin filament Thick filament
Sarcomere Myofibrils
Answer :

321)Vertebra prominens is present with
First lumbar vertebrae First thoracic vertebrae
First cervical vertebrae Seventh cervical vertebrae
Answer :

322)Tongue bone is
Flat bone Hyoid
Mandible Coccyx
Answer :

323)How many unpaired bones are there in the caranium?
4 2
1 6
Answer :

324)In which of the following longest visceral muscles are found?
Normal uterus Pregnant uterus
Abdomen Vas deferens
Answer :

325)In birds which flight muscle is well developed?
Alary Pectoralis major
Biceps Gastrocnemius
Answer :

326)Each fasciculus of skeletal muscle fibre is surrounded by
Sarcolemma Endomycium
Epimycium Perimycium
Answer :

327)The time period between the begining of electrical response and peak of tension recorded is
Latent period Contraction time
Relaxation time Refractory period
Answer :

328)The longest individual muscle in the human body is
Latissimus dorsi Sartorius
Gluteus maximus Quadriceps femoris
Answer :

329)Which one of the following ions are essential for muscular contraction?
Mg++, K+ Na+, K+
Na+, Ca+ Mg++, Ca++
Answer :

330)The disease that weakens the muscles is
Dystrophy Poliomyelitis
Muscular hypertrophy Atrophy
Answer :

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