301)Apart form removing the waste products from the boold the kidneys play a very important role in maintaining
Temperature of the body Equilibrium of the body
Blood pressure constant Constant composition of the blood irrespective of the nature of the food or fluid intake
Answer :

302)The faecal matter of birds (Guano) contains
Insoluble crystals of ureas Insoluble crystals of Uric acid
Urea Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

303)The kangaroo rat living in desert can survive without drinking water because
I. Dependence on metabolic water
II. Highly hypertonic urine
III. Nasal countercurrent mechanism
IV. Living more on protein rich diet
I, II and III I, III, and IV
II, III and IV I, II, III and IV
Answer :

304)Active reabsorption of Na+, K+ takes place in
Ascending limb of Henle's loop All of these
Answer :

305)Concentration of sodium and chloride ions is lowest
Deep in medulla In the interstitial fluid
Near the cortex In the middle of Henle's loop
Answer :

306)The yellow colour of urine is due to
Urochrome Uric acid
Melanin Urea
Answer :

307)Haematuria is the disorder involving
The increase in concentration of blood urea The loss of blood through the urine
Loss of haemoglobin in RBC The loss of glucose in urine
Answer :

308)The first fourth-fifth portion of the descending limb is lined by
Cuboidal epithelium Cortical nephrons are more common
Columnar epithelium Simple squamous epithelium
Answer :

309)Deamination is the first step in urea formation - it means the
Removal of amino group from an amino acid Oxidation of ammonia
Reduction of ammonia Addition of amino group to a non-amino organic molecule
Answer :

310)By breaking which of the following the uric acid is produced?
Starch Nucleic acids
Proteins Amino acids
Answer :

311)Procytes are associated with
Bowman's capsule loop of Henle
Glomerulus PCT part of nephron
Answer :

312)The animals that do not actively control the osmotic condition of their body fluids are
Hypertonic Hyperosmotic
Osmoregulator Osmoconformers
Answer :

313)Which of the following can retain a large amount of urea in their blood and tissue fluid?
Sharks, Electric ray, Sting ray Toad, Frog, Prawn
Mammals including human Alligators, Terrapins, Turtles
Answer :

314)The outer cortex of the kidneys in a TS appears granular or dotted because of
Much convoluted uriniferous tubules and malpighian corpuscles in this region The presence of collecting ducts
Granular cytoplasm The presence of Henle's loop
Answer :

315)Which one of the following does not have Henle's loop?
Mammals Birds
Frogs All of these
Answer :

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