286)Removal of metabolic waste in the form of ures is called
Ureotelism Uricotelism
Aminotelism Ammoniotelism
Answer :

287)The means which is used by fresh water organisms to prevent net water gain or loss of body salt is
Lonocytes Contractile vacuole
Large volume of dilute urine All of these
Answer :

288)The smallest functional unit of kidney is
Bowman's capsule Collecting tube
Nephron Glomerulus
Answer :

289)Fresh water fish maintain osmoregulation by
Taking both water and salt from the environmnet Continuously taking in water and elomination excess of salt
Eliminatiing excess of water and taking up salts from the environment Eliminating both salt and water into the environment
Answer :

290)Antennary of green glands which are excretory and osmoregulatory organs of crustacean consist of
Renal sac End sac
Lateral and transverse ducts Antenna
Answer :

291)Collecting tubes or duct combine to form
Bidder's canal Duct of Bellini
Ureter Columns of Bertin
Answer :

292)Which one of the following produced in the kidneys?
Uricase Arginase
Rennin Renin
Answer :

293)Which of the following vitamins is excreted by urine in higher vertebrates?
Vitamin K Vitamin D
Vitamin C Vitamin A
Answer :

294)Brush border surface can be taken as the characteristics feature of
Loop of Henle Bowman's capsule
Answer :

295)Divalent cations are generally eliminated in marine fishes through
Anal membrane Oral membrane
Gill membrane Faecal matter
Answer :

296)Flame cells are excretory structures of
Arthropoda Flat worms
Annelida Crustaceans
Answer :

297)The mechanism that will operate mainly to check variation in flow to the glomerulus in case of fluctuation in blood pressure is
Adam's stoke condition Counter current mechanism
Myogenic mechanism None of these
Answer :

298)Which one of the following controls reabsorption of Na+?
Aldosterone Renin
Rennin None of these
Answer :

299)Which one of the following is correct glomerular filtration rate?
180 litre per day 125 litre per day
250 litre per day 180 ml per hour
Answer :

300)Which one of the following controls the reabsorption of water in the kidneys?
Answer :

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