16)The advantages of storing carbohydrates in the form of polysaccharides are
When necessary polysaccharides are broken down by enzymes for the release of energy Unlike small carbohydrates polysaccharides are easy to store
During their formation many molecules of water are removed from monosaccharides (dehydration synthesis), condensing the bulk to be stored All of these
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17)The most abundant organic compound in biosphere is
Hemi-cellulose Pectin
Cellulose Lignin
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18)The largest amount of cellulose (90%) amongst the natural material is present in
Roughage Wood
Cotton fibres Rayon
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19)Carbohydrates, the most abundant biomolecules on earth, are produced by
Fungi, algae and green plant cells All bacteria, fungi and algae
Some bacteria, algae and green plant cels Viruses, fungi and algae
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20)Cellulose is
Heteropolysaccharide, branched Heteropolysaccharide
Pentosan polysaccharide, branched Hexosan polysaccharide, unbranched
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21)Which of the following is used to ice creams, cosmetics and medicines to emsulsify and give a smooth texture?
Carboxy methylcellulose Cellulose nitrate
Cellolose acetate Cellilose
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22)Chitin is the second most abundant organic substance present in the exoskeleton of insects and crustaceans. It is a
Lipid Protein and CaCO3 deposits in it
Polysaccharide and the basis unit is N-acetylglucosamine Protein
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23)Which one of the following is correct sequence of carbohydrates in increasing order of complexity of chemical structure?
Oligosachharide, triose, starch, sucrose, maltose Sucrose, starch, oligosachharide, maltose, triose
Triose, glucose, maltose, oligosaccharide starch Triose, glucose,maltose, oligosaccharide, starch
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24)Which of the following is a carbohydrate?
Aleurone Inulin
Cystolith Raphide
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25)Hilum the centre of starch grain is made up of
Fat Carbohydrate
Nitrogen Protein
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26)Which one of the following is a fibrous polysaccharide?
Mucilage Starch
Glycogen Cellulose
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27)In which one of the following glucose is stored as glycogen?
Liver Kidney
Pancreas Bone
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28)Which of the following yields purgative?
Aloe barbadensis Plantago ovata
Hibiscus esculentus Both 1 and 2
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29)Which one of the following is odd?
Chondriotin sulphate Alginic acid
Hyaluronic acid Keratin phosphate
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30)A cellulose molecule is formed by the polymerisation of glucose. The number of glucose molecule present in a cellulose is
60 600
6000 60000
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