271)The aperture between right auricle and right ventricle is guided by one way valve called the
Valve of inferior vena cava Bicuspid vavle
Tricuspid valve semilunar valve
Answer :

272)Mammals have a double circulatory system. It means that
There are two systems, one from heart to lunngs and back to the rest of the body via heart The blood circulates twice in the heart
There are two tyes of blood vessels attached to every organs that is an artery and a vein Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

273)Time taken by the impulse to travel through atria, AV node and the rest of conducting tissue is
PQRS interval PQ interval
ST interval QRS interval
Answer :

274)A cardiac cycle involves
Auricular systole-ventricular systole-complete cardiac distole Joint diastole-ventricular systole-auricular systole
Auricular systole-ventricular distole-Joint diastole Auricular systole-Joint diastole-ventricular systole
Answer :

275)The duration of the ventricular diastole in a normal cardiac cycle is
0.5 sec 0.2 sec
0.3 sec 0.7 sec
Answer :

276)Which layer of the heart is responsible for differential thickness of different chambers of it?
Pericardium Epicardium
Myocardium Endocardium
Answer :

277)Coagulation of blood in the vessels is prevented during normal conditions by
Heparin Plasminogen
Calcium Prothrombin
Answer :

278)RBC in mammals do not have nucleus because
It decreases surface area Nucleus is harmful for RBC
It has degenerated during development They do not have nucleus since their formation
Answer :

279)Blood platelets are the fragments of
Rubricyte Megakaryocyte
Normocyte Retriculocytes
Answer :

280)Lymph differs from blood in possessing
Less proteins and more waste products More proteins and more waste products
More proteins and less waste products Less proteins and less waste products
Answer :

281)The course of blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart is called
Double type circulation Single type circulation
Systemic circular Pulmonary circulation
Answer :

282)The centre of heart beat regulation is present in
Medulla Cerebrum
Pons varolii Cerebellum
Answer :

283)Which of the pulmonary byepass are present in the circulatory system before birth ?
Ductus arteriosus Foramen Ovale
Conus arteriosus Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

284)Which one of the following lies in the wall of right auricle
Chordae tendinae SA node
Purkinje Fibres Bundle of His
Answer :

285)Thoracic duct opens into
Right subclavian vein Left subclavian vein
Left subclavian artery Right subclavian artery
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