256)Haematocrit is related with
Oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin Cell volume when packed together
Amount of Hb/100 ml of blood Counting number of RBC
Answer :

257)Which of the following has neurogenic heart?
Octopus Frog
Cockroach None of these
Answer :

258)Which of the following blood groups is called universal recepient?
AB+ A+
B+ O+
Answer :

259)Second largest component of plasma is
Globulin Fibrinogen
Prothrombin Albumin
Answer :

260)Ventricular systole is stimulated by
AV node AV valve
AV aperture SA node
Answer :

261)The blood from diaphragm is collected by
Hepatic vein Iliac vein
Renal vein Phrenic vein
Answer :

262)The opening of pulmonary vein is without valve because
Its opening is oblique It is a very small aperture
It has very low blood pressure None of these
Answer :

263)The highest number of lobes in the neutrophils can be
7 5
3 2
Answer :

264)The two auricles are demarcated externally from the ventricle by an irregular groove is called
Inter ventricular groove Coronary sulcus
Inter auricular septum All of these
Answer :

265)The wave of ECG shows ventricular depolarization is
T wave U wave
P wave QRS wave
Answer :

266)In which of the following the hepatic portal system is present?
All mammals Reptiles and Birds
All vertebrates Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles
Answer :

267)The time interval between the closure of semilunar valve and closure of AV valve is
0.1 sec 0.3 sec
0.5 sec 0.7 sec
Answer :

268)The step in blood clotting will not occur in the absence of vitamin K is
Synthesis of prothrombin Formation of thromboplastin
Conversion of prothrombin to thrombin Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
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269)A person with antigen A in RBC and antibody B in plasma, he belongs to blood group
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270)A portal system is one in which
A vein starts from heart and ends up in lungs A vein starts from an organ and ends up in another organ
A vein starts from an organ and ends up in heart None of these
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