241)Which one of the following has capillary system?
Gastropods Insects
Cephalopods Crutaceans
Answer :

242)Which one of the following is not a feature of open type circulatory system?
Well regulated blood supply to different organs Low pressure system
Non-formation of capillaries Blood returns to the heart slowly
Answer :

243)The dorsal chamber of haemocoel of cockroach is called
peritoneal sinus pericardial sinus
perivisceral sinus perineural sinus
Answer :

244)The triangular muscles pair present in either side of heart of cockroach is called
Intercostal muscles Phrenic muscles
Tergostemal muscles Alary muscles
Answer :

245)Not a function of blood in cockroach
Reservoir of water Transportation of gases
Maintain hydrostatic pressure Transportation of nutrients
Answer :

246)In cockroach, the anterior end of heart opens into
Head sinus Perivisceral sinus
pericardial sinus perineural sinus
Answer :

247)In which one of the following single type of blood circulation is found?
Man Frog
Lizard Fish
Answer :

248)In fish the heart receives deoxygenerated blood from all over the body except
forelimbs fins
gills hindlimbs
Answer :

249)Point out the odd one from the following
Snails and mussels Frog and snails
Prawns and insects Prawns and mussels
Answer :

250)Blood is red but no RBC are found in
Rabbit Man
Earthworm Frog
Answer :

251)One litre blood is drawn out of five litres from a man's body. How much blood left in the man's body next day?
4 litres 4.5 litres
3 litres 5 litres
Answer :

252)Ringer solution contains
Sodium and potassium ions Iodine and common salt
Water and acid fuchsin Acetic acid and wax
Answer :

253)If RBCs are placed in distilled water the corpuscles will
Increase in number Burst
Stick to each other Shrink
Answer :

254)If glucose is to be injected in human blood the property to be matched with glucose is
viscocity sugar group
dencsity osmotic potential
Answer :

255)Mammals have biconcave RBC.The physiological use for it is
that they can be packed like coins to increase the surface area
more haemoglobin can be accommadated none of these
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