211)The combination of oxygen with haemoglobin can be increased mostly by
Increasing CO2 concentration in air Decreasing CO2 concentration in blood
Decreasing O2 concentration in blood Increasing O2 concentration in air
Answer :

212)Who explained the effect of CO2 concentration on dissociation of oxyhaemoglobin ?
Yapp G S Carter
Christian Bohr William Hoar
Answer :

213)When the oxygen haemoglobin dissociation curve shifts toward right?
On decrease of Temperature On decrease of Acidity
On decrease of pH On decrease of carbon dioxide concentration
Answer :

214)If carbon dioxide level gets increased in the blood, it favours
Unloading of oxygen in the blood Loading oxygen in the blood
Decreased availability of oxygen to tissue None of these
Answer :

215)Which of the following is true when oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curves are drawn for maternal and foetal haemoglobin.
Foetal curve will be on the right side Maternal curve will be on the right side
It will depend upon PCO2 level Both will overlap each other
Answer :

216)Chloride shift reverse is occured during
External respiration Internal respiration
Anaerobic respiration Cellular respiration
Answer :

217)What percentage of carbon dioxide is carried or transported by Hb?
10% 23%
75% 82%
Answer :

218)Which phenomenon occurs between RBCs and plasma during transportation of carbon dioxide?
Absorption Adsorption
Osmosis Chloride shift
Answer :

219)Which of the following is opposite of Bohr's effect?
Hamburger's phenomenon Haldane's effect
Herring Breuer reflex None of these
Answer :

220)The impulse for voluntary muscles for forced breathing starts in
Medulla Cerebellum
Cerebrum Vagus nerve
Answer :

221)Which one of the following is respiratory control centre?
Cerebrum Pons
Medulla oblongata Both pons nad medulla oblongata
Answer :

222)Mark the wrong statement
Pneumotaxic centre increases the depth of breathing Expiratory centre lies in pons and inspiratory centre lies in medulla
The inspiratory centre increases the strength of contraction of rib muscles Breathing movements are caused by change in concentration of CO2 in the blood
Answer :

223)The switch off point of inspiration is controlled by
Pneumotaxic centre Apneustic centre
Cerebrum Pons varoli
Answer :

224)What is not possible when pneumotaxic centre is sending a strong signal?
Increase breathing rate Decrease duration of inspiration
Complete filling of lungs Decrease duration of expiration
Answer :

225)Which one of the following prevents overstretching of the lungs?
Herring- Breuer reflex Bohr's effect
Haldane's effect Conditioned reflex
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