181)In mature mammalian ertthrocytes, the respirationis
Absent Aerobic
Anaerobic Sometimes aerobic and sometimes anaerobic
Answer :

182)Which one of the following is not a character of respiratory surface?
Least vascular Moist
Extensive Thin, permeable to gases
Answer :

183)Why skin of a man cannot act as respiratory organ ?
Because it is not thin Because it is dry
Because it is not permeable to oxygen and carbondioxide Because of all of these
Answer :

184)Inspiration in cockroach is brought about by
Relaxation of tergo-sternal muscles Relaxation of abdominal muscles and it is a passive process
Contraction of tergo-sternal muscles Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

185)Which one of the following statement in reference to insects is wrong?
Abdominal muscles have nothing to do with respiration Relaxation of abdominal muscles draws in air through spiracles, trachea and tracheoles
Contraction of abdominal muscles drivesair out from the tracheal system through spiracles Both (b) and (c)
Answer :

186)Exchange of gases in birds occur
First in the air sacs and then in lungs First in lungs and then in air sacs
In the lungs only and not in air sacs Simultaneously in lungs and air sacs
Answer :

187)Which of the following structures in man is analogous to the spiracles of cockroach?
Lungs Nostrils
Branchioles Alveoli
Answer :

188)Conchae are located in
Bronchioles Trachea
Nasal chambers Ventricle
Answer :

189)Another name of Adam's apple is
Thyroid cartilage Epiglottis
Sound box in birds Sound box in man
Answer :

190)Glottis is opened in the floor of
Pharyngeal cavity Diaphragm
Trachea None of these
Answer :

191)Ring like cartilage of larynx is known as
Cartilage of santorini Thyroid cartilage
Arytenoid cartilage Cricoid cartilage
Answer :

192)Collapsing of trachea is prevented by
Diaphragm Cartilaginous rings
Muscles Ribs
Answer :

193)Trachea is lined with incomplete rings of ____________
Calcified cartilage Fibrous cartilage
Hyaline cartilage Elastic cartilage
Answer :

194)The estimated number of alveoli in human lungs is
200 million 300 million
300 billion 400 million
Answer :

195)Oblique fissure in human is present with
Left lung Right lung
Both left and right lungs None of these
Answer :

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