166)The hormone that inhibit the release of gastric juice is
GIP Enterogastrone
Enterocrinin Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

167)A piece of bread tastes sweet when it is chewed because?
Saliva converts starch into maltose The sugar contents are drawn out
The taste buds are stimulated by chewing It does not taste sweet
Answer :

168)In which of the following digestion is completed?
Cloaca Stomach
Ileum Duodenum
Answer :

169)On which of the following Enterocrinin acts?
Gastric glands Intestinal glands
Gall bladder Trypsinogen
Answer :

170)Lactase converts lactose into
Fructose Glucose + fructose
Glucose + galactose Glucose + maltose
Answer :

171)The pH in small intestine is
8 7
8.5 - 9 2.5 - 4.4
Answer :

172)Which of the following is not absorbed by the blood capillaries of intestinal villi?
Salts Amino acids
Glucose Fatty acids and glycerides
Answer :

173)The vegetarian meals that supply all essential amino acdis in correct proportions for synthesizing human proteins is
Corn and rice Peas and beans
Spinach and beans Rice and beans
Answer :

174)The vitamin that contains cobalt cyanide linkage is
B1 A
B12 B6
Answer :

175)The recently discovered vitamin that has anticancer properties is
Vitamin B15 Vitamin B17
Vitamin Q Vitamin B5
Answer :

176)Tonics made out of the liver are very effective in curing haemopoietic disorder as they contain
Protiens Vitamin B12
Bile juice RBCs
Answer :

177)People who eat excess maize suffer from
Beri-beri Pernicious anaemia
Pellagra Rickets
Answer :

178)Pernicious anaemia is caused by the deficiency of vitamin
C Vitamin B12
Vitamin B1 D
Answer :

179)He is a starving man when he
Eats food that meets loss of energy Begins to store reserve food
Eats food that does not meet the loss of energy Does not have tendency to eat
Answer :

180)Deficiency of which one of the following is associated with the black tongue disease in dogs?
Calciferol Retinol
Menadione Niacin
Answer :

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