151)Largest gland in the human body
Pancreas Liver
Adrenal Gastric gland
Answer :

152)Cholecystitis refers to
Stomach Lungs
Gall bladder Spleen
Answer :

153)Alkaline nature of bile is due to
Answer :

154)Enterokinase or enteropeptidase foumd in intestinal juice helps in converting the
Trypsinogen into trypsin Proteins into peptides
Casein into paracasein Pro-rennin into rennin
Answer :

155)By which of the following milk protein casein is coagulated ?
Rennin Pepsin
Trypsin Both (a) and (b)
Answer :

156)Chyme formed in stomach is further transformed into
Fats Soft solid substance
Chyle Colloidal material
Answer :

157)In which of the following paneth cells are found?
Peyer's patches Gastric glands
Islets of Langerhans Crypts of lieberkuhn
Answer :

158)In acute constripation purgatives that are common to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and evacution of fluid faeces contain salts of
Magnesium Potassium
Sodium Calcium
Answer :

159)Prolonged constripatin may cause
Dysentry Hemorrhoids
Ulcer Cholera
Answer :

160)The functional units for absorption of digested food are
Peyer's patches Cryps of lieberkuhn
Brunner's glands Villi
Answer :

161)The foul odour of the faeces is due to the presence of the compound
Methyl mercaptan Skatole
Ammonia Hydrogen sulphide
Answer :

162)Find the odd one from the following?
Gastrin Secretin
Trypsin Enterocrinin
Answer :

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