136)First and largest chamber in stomach of ruminants like cattle, buffalo, sheep etc is
Omasum Recticulum
Rumen Abmasum
Answer :

137)Zymogen cells and chief cells secrete
Mucous HCl
Trypsin Pepsinogen
Answer :

138)Before opening into the duodenum, hepatopancreatic ampulla is having a thickening called
Sphincter of boyden Sphincter of oddi
Sacculus rotundus Plica circulares
Answer :

139)Crypts of lieberkuhn are present in
Small intestine and secrete digestive enzymes Stomach and secrete trypsin
Pancreas and secrete pancreatic juice Stomach and secrete dilute HCl
Answer :

140)Sphincter of boyden which helps in the filling up of gall bladder is present in
Duct of santorini Duct of wirsurg
Ductus choledoccus Ampulla of vater
Answer :

141)Smallest part of colon and lacking mesentry is
Sigmoid Ascending
Descending Transverse
Answer :

142)With which part of the alimentary canal, lamina propria is associated ?
Muscularis externa Serosa
Mucosa Submucosa
Answer :

143)Aurebach's plexus is present in
Between circular and longitudinal muscles of muscularis externa Between circular and longitudinal muscles of muscularis interna
Submucosa Between mucosa and submucosa
Answer :

144)Oblique muscle layer is present with
Colon Stomach
Duodenum None of these
Answer :

145)Location of the Brunner's gland is
Submucosa, duodenum Submucosa, ileum
Mucosa, ileum Mucosa, Duodenum
Answer :

146)Brunner's glands are intestinal glands and secrete
Enzymes Mucus
Enzymes and mucus None of these
Answer :

147)The papilla without taste bud in human tongue
Fungiform Fusiform
Filiform Vallate
Answer :

148)Saliva pH is
2.5 6.7
7.4 8.0
Answer :

149)Enlargement of which one of the following are tonsils?
Larynx Lymphoid tissue
Adenoid tissue Sub lingual gland
Answer :

150)Which one of the ions is used to activate ptyalin and maltase?
Chloride ions Potassium ions
Sodium ions None of these
Answer :

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