86)Shivaji was crowned in the year of
1660 1669
1672 1674
Answer :

87)In which year Nadir Shah invaded India?
1730 1734
1739 1740
Answer :

88)In which year the Battle of Plassy was fought?
1750 1754
1757 1759
Answer :

89)The battle of Plassy was fought between
Aurangzeb and Rovert Clive Nawab of Bengal and Rovert Clive
Nawab of Lucknow and Rovert Clive None of these
Answer :

90)Which battle ended the French power in India?
Battle of Plassy Battle of Haldighati
Battle of Bawandhiwas Third battle of Panipath
Answer :

91)In which year the battle of Bawandhiwas was fought?
1760 1761
1763 1764
Answer :

92)The third battle of Panipath was fought in the year of
1760 1761
1762 1763
Answer :

93)The Battle of Boxer was fought in the year of
1765 1764
1763 1762
Answer :

94)Who of the following was the first governor general of Bengal?
William Bentinck Waren Hastings
Lord Cornwalis Rovert Clive
Answer :

95)In which year the Permanent Settlement of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa was introduced?
1790 1791
1792 1793
Answer :

96)Who recommended that English should be the medium of Instruction in India?
Rovert Clive Macaulay
Warren Hastings Lord Cornwalis
Answer :

97)In Which year actually English was introduced as medium of Instruction in India?
1835 1840
1837 1836
Answer :

98)First railway line was opened in India in the year of
1850 1852
1853 1854
Answer :

99)Which two cities were connected by the first opened railway line in India?
Lucknow, Delhi Patna, Delhi
Bombay, Thane Calcutta, Murshidabad
Answer :

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