400)"She is one of the greatest orator of the world, because she speaks what she believes acts according to what she speaks About whom did Mahatma Gandhi say?
Sorojini Naidu Annie Besant
Indira Gandhi Sucheta Kripalani
Answer :

401)Why did Mahatma Gandhi enter into politics?
He wanted to have power through politics He liked politics
He was insulted by an English officer As he was a lawer, he knew politics very well
Answer :

402)When did Mahatma Gandhi assume leadership of the Indian National Congress?
1918 1917
1915 1916
Answer :

403)What was the last word of Mahatma Gandhi?
Wah-e-guru Shree Ram
Jai Bharat Hay Ram
Answer :

404)The twin principles of Ram Rajya associated with Gandhian philosophy were
Khadi and Charkha Truth and Ahinsa
Prohibition and abolition of untouchability Right means and right ends
Answer :

405)Which leader of India was born on August 15, 76 years before independence?
Subhas Chandra Bose J B Kripalani
Aurobindo Ghosh Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer :

406)Which Congress leader passed the Indian Civil Service Examination?
Aurobindo Ghosh Subash Chandra Bose
Both (a) and (b) None of these
Answer :

407)Who was the last governor general of India
Lord Wavell Lord Mountbatten
C Raja Gopalachari None of these
Answer :

408)Where was Gandhiji when India became Independence?
Delhi London
Lahore East Pakistan
Answer :

409) I do not want to harm the meanest insect but it would give me the greatest pleasure if every black marketeer were hung by the neck till death? Who said this?
Subash Chandra Bose Sardar Vallabbhai Patel
Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer :

410)Where did Mahatma Gandhi fisrt start his political experiments?
England South Africa
India None of these
Answer :

411)Who was called a Cooli Lawer in South Africa?
M A Jinnah Tej Bahadur Sapru
Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer :

412)Which husband and wife worked for the freedom of India?
Nehrus Gandhis
Kripalanis All of these
Answer :

413)Who wrote the book My Experiment with Truth?
Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru
Subhash Chandra Bose M A Jinnah
Answer :

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