370)Who was the first person to sail round the world?
Robert Peary Amundse
Magellan Mihirsen
Answer :

371)During whose reign Tansen lived?
Chandragupta Ahah Jehan
Ashoka Akbar
Answer :

372)Nalanda University was associated with
Harsha Vardhana Kanishka
Ashoka Chandragupta
Answer :

373)The famous Gayatri Mantra is contained in
Samaveda Rigveda
Yajurveda Atharvaveda
Answer :

374)One of the greatest women of Vedic times was
Urvashi Ragini
Menka Ghosla
Answer :

375)The Holy Quran has got
124 Chapters 114 Chapters
144 Chapters 134 Chapters
Answer :

376)The Opium War is the name given to the fighting between
Britain and China China and Russia
Russia nad Britain None of these
Answer :

377)The political organization of Rajput was based on
Democratic System Fuedal System
Ryotwari System None of these
Answer :

378)Christianity was introduced in India by
St. Thomas St. Peter
St. Paul None of these
Answer :

379)Mohammad Ghori was the rular of
Iraq Persia
Pakistan Afghanistan
Answer :

380)The founder of the kingdom ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan was
Prithviraj Chauhan Govinda Chandra
Chand Bardai Visalayadeva
Answer :

381)Haider Ali of Mysore was attacked in 1771 by
Nizam of Hyderabad The French
Clive Marathas
Answer :

382)The Industrial Revolution was first begin in
Germany French
Holand England
Answer :

383)The Great Wall of China was built as protection against the
Huns Kouei-Choueng
Vandals None of these
Answer :

384)Two of the great Mughals wrote their own memories. They are
Humayun and Jahangir Babur and Humayun
Babur and Jahangir Jahangir and Shahjahan
Answer :

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