325)Theneswar was capital of
Kushan Kings Mauryan Kings
Harsha Vardhana Gupta Kings
Answer :

326)Firdausi and Alberuni are scholars who adorned the court of
Akbar Mohammed Tughlaq
Mohamood of Ghazni Shah Jahan
Answer :

327)Russian Revolution took place in
1916 1917
1918 1915
Answer :

328)Hitlar became the Chancellor of Germany in
1933 1931
1932 1935
Answer :

329)Taj Mahal was built in
14 th Century AD 15 th Century AD
16 th Century AD 17 th Century AD
Answer :

330)Emperor Ashoka lived in
First Century BC Second Century BC
Third Century BC Fourth Century BC
Answer :

331)Emperor Kanishka belonged to the
Nanda dynasty Mauryan dynasty
Kushan dynasty None of these
Answer :

332)Magasthenes toured India during the reign of
Ashoka Pulakesin II
Samudra Gupta Harsha Vardhana
Answer :

333)Hari Jan Sevak Sangh was organized by
Mrs. Annie Besant Gandhiji
Dr. B R Ambedkar Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Answer :

334)The ruler who interuptted the continuous Mughal reign in India is
Shershah Suri Chhatrapati Shivaji
Chand Bibi Maharana of Mewar
Answer :

335)The capital of Pallava Kings who ruled in South India during fifth to seventh centurys AD was
Tanjore Conjeevaram
Madurai Mahabalipuram
Answer :

336)The Hindu King generally known as the India Napoleon for his brilliant millitary exploits is
Ashoka Chandragupta Vikramaditya
Chandragupta Maurya Samudragupta
Answer :

337)Mahatma Gandhi's famous Dandi March took place in the year
1919 1920
1930 1932
Answer :

338)The first Viceroy of India was
Lord Canning Lord Mountbatten
Lord Wavel Lord William Bentink
Answer :

339)Hampi was capital of
Harsha's Empire Kanishka empire
Vijayanagar empire Pallava empire
Answer :

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