310)Who was the Hindu king shown playing on the Veena on the ancient coins?
Vikramaditya Ashoka
Samudragupta Chandragupta
Answer :

311)Why did Alexander attacked "Porus"?
To plunder his wealth To increase his territories
To win his friendship To win his kingdom
Answer :

312)What important event in Indian or world history took place in the year 712?
Signibg of Magna Carta First Battle of Panipat
Glorious Revolution Invasion of Mohammed Bin Qasim on Sind
Answer :

313)Who is credited with the invention of Algebra?
Bhaskara Aryabhatta
Apastamba Medhatithi
Answer :

314)Who was the head of the British Government in India when the Congress for the first time passed its famous resolution for complete independence at Lahore?
Lord Chemsford Lord Irwin
Lord Wellingdon None of these
Answer :

315)When was first atom bomb exploded?
1945 1946
1947 1948
Answer :

316)The fisrt general election after independence in India took place in
1950 1951
1952 1953
Answer :

317)Goa was liberated on
16 th September 1958 16 th October 1959
17 th November 1960 18 th December 1961
Answer :

318)Bangladesh was liberated on
16 th December 1971 16 th December 1970
16 th December 1960 16 th December 1972
Answer :

319)In which year was Jesus Christ Crucified?
50 AD 40 AD
33 AD 35 AD
Answer :

320)Martin Luther King was assassinated in
1965 1968
1969 1967
Answer :

321)Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled over
Thaneshwar Patliputra
Sakal Ujjain
Answer :

322)The ruler of which of the following dynasties established the largest dominion in Southern India?
Cholas Pallavas
Chakukyas None of these
Answer :

323)The Aryans came to India from
West Europe East Europe
South east Asia Central Asia
Answer :

324)Portuguese captured Goa in
1490 AD 1498 AD
1510 AD 1519 AD
Answer :

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