13)The palace of Chandragupta Maurya at Pataliputra was constructed mainly of
bricks stone
wood mud
Answer :

14) Harappa was excavated by
R. D Banerjee Daya Ram Sahani
S. R. Rao None of these
Answer :

15) Mohenjodaro was excavated by
Daya Ram Sahani S. R. Rao
R. D. Banerjee Dr. R.C. Majumdar
Answer :

16)Who was the first Indian Governor General of free India?
Lord Mountbatten Jawaharlal Nehru
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel C. Rajagopalachari
Answer :

17)Who was the founder of 'Pala' dynasty of Bengal?
Damodar Gopala
Dharmapala Devapala
Answer :

18)What was the name of the last ruler of the 'Bahmani Kingdom'.
Kalimullah Shah Kalimuddin
Alauddin-II Sikandar Shah
Answer :

19)Which one of the following languages was patronised by the Delhi Sultans?
Urdu Arabic
Persian Turkish
Answer :

20)The 'Chishti' order was founded by
Nizamuddin Aulia Abdul Chishti
Moinuddin Chishti Fariduddin Masud
Answer :

21)The strongest among the Maratha kings was
Chhatrapati Shivaji Balaji Vishwanath
Balaji Baji Rao Chhatrapati Shahuji
Answer :

22)The 'Ryotwari' settlement was introduced in Madras by
Mount Stuart Elphinstone James Thomson
Thomas Munro Lord Cornwallis
Answer :

23)The people of the Rigveda period believed primarily in
Rituals and sacrifices Idol worship
Worship of goddesses One God
Answer :

24)The language of discourses of Gautam Buddha was
Bhojpuri Magadhi
Pali Sanskrit
Answer :

25)Who among the following visited Nalanda University during reign of King Harsha?
Hieun Tsang Fahien
Meghasthenes None of these
Answer :

26)Akbar has been called the 'first national king' mainly because he
was a great administrator established a new religion 'Din-i- Ilahi'
provided an efficient government to the people was highly tolerant and secular in his outlook
Answer :

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