250)At which of the following places have the fourteen Rock Edicts of Ashoka been found?
Allahabad Delhi
Barabar Girnar
Answer :

251)During the reign of Firoz Shah Tugh-Laq the revenues of the state were greatly enhanced. Which of the following causes was not responsible for the enhancement of revenues?
water tax improved fertility and cultivation of superior crops
gardens enhancement of land revenue
Answer :

252)Export trade in pre-Gupta age was most extensive with
Central Asia China
South East Asia Roman Empire
Answer :

253)The last Nawab of Awadh was
Mohd. Ali Ahah Wajid Ali Shah
Nasiruddin Nisiuddaulah
Answer :

254)The Anglo-Afghan relations in the 19th century were influenced by the fear of expansion towards India of
Persia Russia
Afghanistan France
Answer :

255)Pitt's India Act, which was meant to remove the defects of the Regulating Act, was passed
1781 1782
1784 1786
Answer :

256)Match the following
A. Elephanta caves and temples                     1. Buddhist, Jain and Hindus
B. Ajanta                                          2. Buddhist, Shaivite and Vaishnavite
C. Nasik, cave temples                             3. Mahayana and Hinayana
D. Ellora                                          4. Shaivite
A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 A-3, B-1, C-2, D-4
A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2 A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4
Answer :

257)Which of the following developments can not be ascribed to the later vedic period
The transition from pastoral to agricultureal economy took place The brahmins acquired unchallenged supremacy
The territorial character of kingship had emerged The caste system with its norms got established
Answer :

258)In Vedic period "goghna" refers to
A guest One who slaughters cattle
One who gifts cattle The bridegroom
Answer :

259)Match the following
A. Parushni                                1. Jhelum
B. Asikni                                  2. Ravi
C. Vitasta                                 3. Beas
D. Arjikiya                                4. Chenab
A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1 A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2
A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3 A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3
Answer :

260)Arrange the various writers of Sanskrit drama in ascending chronological order
a. Kalidasa
b. Asvaghosha
c. Bhasa
d. Bhavabhuti
abcd bcad
bacd dabc
Answer :

261)Who were the first kings to issue coins bearing their names?
Scythians Kushanas
Mauryans Bactrians
Answer :

262)Hunter Commission was appointed by the British to probe into the
Chauri Chaura incident Jallianwala Bagh tragedy
Bardoli Satyagraha Khilafat agitation
Answer :

263)Which of the following is correctly matched?
Karenge ya marenge- S c Bose Give me blood and I will give you freedom- J L Nehru
Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it- B G Tilak A new star rises, the star of freedom in the East- Mahatma Gandhi
Answer :

264)The untouchable "Mahars" launched an autonomous movement from 1920's under Dr. Ambedkar. Which of the following was not a demand?
to be allowed to take the sacred thread the right to use tanks and enter temples
Abolition of "Mahar Watan" separate representation
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