220)Kanishka patronised
Hunayana Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism
Buddhism Bhagvatism
Answer :

221)Harsha moved his capital from Rule to
Delhi, Deogir Kamboj, Kanauj
Thanesar, Kanauj Valabhi, Delhi
Answer :

222)Who described Indians as "hot-tempered but honest"?
Fa-Hien Nikitin
Megasthenes Hieun Tsang
Answer :

223)Find the odd one
Harshavardhana Pulakesin II
Krishna Deva Raya Mahendravarman
Answer :

224)Match the following
A. First Buddhhist Council                        1. Silappadikaram
B. Third Buddhist Council                         2. Tripitika
C. Second Sangam                                  3. Abhidhamma Pitak
D. Third Sangam                                   4. Tolksppiyam
A-2, B-1, C-4, D-3 A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4
A-2, B-3, C-4, D-1 A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1
Answer :

225)Who was the author of Gita Gobind ?
Jaya Deva Mirabai
Surdas Vidyapati
Answer :

226)King Harshavardhan was defeated by
the king of Kamrupa the king of Bengal
the king og Punjab the chalukya ruler of Deccan
Answer :

227)Who was the advocate at the famous INA trials?
Asaf Ali Subhash Chandra Bose
Bhulabhai Desai C Rajagopalachari
Answer :

228)Match the following
A. Asura Vivaha
B. Rakshasa Vivaha
C. Gandharva Vivaha
D. Paisacha Vivaha

1. The marriage by capture
2. Marriage in the state of sleep, intoxication or carelessness
3. Marriage through mutual love
4.The  Bridegroom has to pay the bride price
A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2
A-2, B-1, C-3, D-4 A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1
Answer :

229)The British Cabinet Mission which came to India in March 1946 did not have _______________ as its member.
Sir Stafford Cripps Lord Pettrick Lawrence
Campbell Johnson A V Alexander
Answer :

230)Who was referred to as the "ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity" by Sarojini Naidu in the early years of Gandhian period?
Maulana Azad Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Shaukat Ali Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Answer :

231)Who has been referred to as the "conscience-keeper" of Gandhiji?
V patel C Rajagopalachari
G K Gokhale R Tagore
Answer :

232)In November 1945 three former INA officer were charged with waging war against the King-emperor. Find the odd one out
Lt Dhillon Captain Sehgal
Damodar Chapekar Col. Shah Nawaz
Answer :

233)The first National Congress session deliberated upon
nine resolutions concerning various issues only one resolution regarding Indianization of the Civil Service
not a single resolution as they lacked consensus of opinion none of these
Answer :

234)In the following who was not among the first speakers at the Indian National Congress's session of 1885, December 28?
S. Subrahmania Aiyer Surendra Nath Bannerji
A O Hume K T Telang
Answer :

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