160)Name the Italian traveller who visited the Vijayanagar Empire in 1420 AD
Abdur Razzaq Nicolo de Conti
Domingos Paes Edoardo Barbosa
Answer :

161)Which of the following dynasties established an independent rule in Bijapur?
Adil Shahi Imad Shahi
Qutb Shahi Nizam Shahi
Answer :

162)Who among the following enjoyed the patronage of sultans from Balban to Ghiya-ud-din- Tughlaq
Ibn Batutah Badauni
Zia -ud-din Barani Amir Khusrau
Answer :

163)The Sufi movement originally started from
Persia Lahore
Kabul Delhi
Answer :

164)The first Mysore War fought between the British and Hyder Ali in 1767-69 AD, came to an end by the
Treaty of Pondicherry Treaty of Mysore
Treaty of Madras Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
Answer :

165)The British Government intervented in the affairs of the Company and passed an Act in 1773 AD, known as
Pitt's Indian Act Regulating Act
Charter Act Company Act
Answer :

166)Sher Shah defeated Humayun and captured Gaur in the battle of
Chausa in 1539AD Ghaghra in 1529AD
Panipat in 1526AD Khanwa in1527AD
Answer :

167)The Indian National Congress had passed the famous resolution on "Non-Cooperation" in 1920 at its session held at
Lucknow Bombay
Madras Calcuta
Answer :

168)Which of the following can be considered as the most useful and outstanding reforms made by Lord Curzon, especially in respect of the people living in the undivided province of Punjab?
Agricultural Reforms Educational Reforms
Police Reforms Industrial Reforms
Answer :

169)Who among the following was sent as Ambassador to the roya court of Jahangir by James I, the then king of England?
John Kawkins Sir Thomas Roe
Sir Walter Raleigh Willian Todd
Answer :

170)"Dyarchy" was introduced in the Government of India Act of
1901 1905
1919 1920
Answer :

171)"Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pladge..." This was stated on the night of Aug 14, 1947 by
Dr. B R Ambedkar Mahatma Gandhi
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer :

172)The capital of the ancient Chola kingdom was
Thanjavour Uraiyur
Madurai Kaveripoompattinam
Answer :

173)Which was the earliest settlement of Dutch in India?
Pulicat Masulipattanam
Ahmedabad Surat
Answer :

174)Permanent Revenue Settlement of Bengal was introduced by
Lord Cornwallis Lord Wellesley
Lord Clive Lord Hastings
Answer :

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