121)Mixed farming means
agriculture done with man and machine annually more than one crops are grown
a combination of big and small farmers cultivation of crops and rearing of animals are done together
Answer :

122)Shift farming is
more than one crops are grown annually two different crops are grown alternatively
a plot of land cultivated for few years then it deserted farming practised by big farmers
Answer :

123) Bhakhra-Nangal Project is on river
Chenab Ravi
Ganges Sutlej
Answer :

124) Hirakud Project is on river
Mahanadi Brahmaputra
Ganges Sutlej
Answer :

125)Golden Quadrilateral refers to
the deepest area in Indian ocean four islands of Andaman and Nicober group islands
national highways connecting four metropolitan cities of India the golden temple of Amritsar
Answer :

126)NH 1 connects which of the two cities?
Delhi, Amritsar Agra, Mumbai
Delhi, Kolkata Delhi, Mumbai
Answer :

127)The longest highway is
NH 4 NH 8
NH 7 NH 2
Answer :

128)The shortest highway is
NH 4 NH 39
NH 7 NH 55
Answer :

129) How many different crop seasons are there in India?
3 2
4 none of these
Answer :

130)Indian railway was nationalised in the year of
1903 1905
1907 1909
Answer :

131)Airways in India was started in the year of
1911 1915
1917 1918
Answer :

132)Which one of the following is a tidal port?
Jawaharlal Nehru port Vishakhapatnam port
Kandla port Pradip port
Answer :

133)Where is elephanta falls situated
Guwahati Shillong
Aizwal Imphal
Answer :

134)Which one of the following is the largest natural port in India?
Kochhi port Kolkata port
Kandla port Vishakhapatnam port
Answer :

135)Ajanta cave is in
Tamil Nadu Kerala
Karnataka Maharashtra
Answer :

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