106)Which one of the following rocks is metamorphic form of limestone?
genesis marble
quartzite slate
Answer :

107)The branch of geology that studies earthquake is
Archeology Anthropology
Seismology Selenology
Answer :

108)Apart from India which of the following countries determine their standard time based on 82o30'E meridian?
Bhutan and Nepal Nepal and Srilanka
Nepal and Myanmar Bangladesh and Myanmar
Answer :

109)India's latitudinal range is
6o4'N to 36o6'N 8o4'N to 37o6'N
7o2'N to 35o4'N 8oN to 35oN
Answer :

110)India's longitudinal range is
68o7'E to 97o25'E 68oE to 97oE
65o6'E to 95o5'E 67o8'E to 98o7'E
Answer :

111)Indian Standard Time (ISD) is
5.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 4.5 hours ahead Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
5.5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 4.5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Answer :

112)The highest mountain peak in India is
Mount Everest Godwin Austin(K2)
Kanchenjunga Nanga Parvat
Answer :

113) Which one of the following is a east flowing river?
Cauvery Narmada
Tapti all of these
Answer :

114)Which one of the following is a west flowing river?
Godavari Mahanadi
Krishna Narmada
Answer :

115)Jawahar port is in
Kolkata Chennai
Mumbai Cochin
Answer :

116) Lakshadweep is a group of
39 islands 36 islands
32 islands 30 islands
Answer :

117)Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of
315 islands 318 islands
324 islands 320 islands
Answer :

118)The Great Indian Desert does not get much rainfall due to
Nilgiri range Aravali range
Shivaliks range Satpura range
Answer :

119)Which one of the following soils is ideal for growing cotton?
black soil red soil
alluvial soil arid soil
Answer :

120)In plantation farming
rice, wheat is grown coffee, tea is grown
rearing of animals are done none of these are done
Answer :

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