406)Which one of the following is the brightest star in the sky?
Sun Alfa Centauri
Sirius Proxima Centauri
Answer :

407)Days and nights are caused by-
I. rotation of the the earth on its axis
II. revolution of the earth around the sun
III. inclination of the earth's axis
I only I and II
II and III All of these
Answer :

408)One degree of the circumference of the Earth measures -
175 KM (approx) 151KM (approx)
111 KM (approx) 100 KM (approx)
Answer :

409)Which of the following is the mean radius of the earth?
12600 Km 10000 Km
9600 Km 6400 Km
Answer :

410)Where is the speed of earth's rotation is maximum?
At the pole Along the Tropic of Cancer
Along the Equator Along the Tropic of Capricorn
Answer :

411)Which one of the following is the total surface area of the earth?
510 million Km2 710 million Km2
810 million Km2 410 million Km2
Answer :

412)The sun reaches its maximum angular distance from the equator at the
equator zenith
solstice at noon
Answer :

413)Maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse is
10 minutes 5 seconds 9 minutes 10 seconds
7 minutes 40 seconds There is no maximum duration
Answer :

414)Which one of these represented by latitude of a place?
Pressure Temperature
Altitude Time
Answer :

415)Rotation of earth affects the direction of wind, this force is called-
Sub-tropical force Convectional force
Seismic force Coriolis force
Answer :

416)What is the name of the very cold winds in Tundra region?
Blizzard Purga
Punas Levanter
Answer :

417)What is the height of geostationary orbit?
3600Km 36000Km
36Km 360Km
Answer :

418)What are Doldrums?
High pressure areas on mountains sub-polar zone with high pressure
Equatorial zone with low pressure High latitudes with heavy snow
Answer :

419)Which state(s) has/have common border with China?
I. Arunachal Pradesh
II. Jammu & Kashmir
III. Himachal Pradesh
IV. Sikkim
I and II I, II and III
II, III and IV I, II, III and IV
Answer :

420)On the east of Andaman and Nicobar Islands -
Sri Lanka Indonesia
Thailand All of these
Answer :

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