391)Spot the morning star from the following?
Mars Venus
Mercury Saturn
Answer :

392)Japan is the land of rising sun as
Japan is the eastern most country in the world, and it has the earliest sun rise The ray of the sun get reflected from the water of the sea and makes the sun rise beautiful
The sun always remains in the eastern part of the sky throughout the day in Japan Sun rises there as soon as it sets
Answer :

393)The rings of the Saturn is discovered by -
Galileo Newton
Copernicus Einstein
Answer :

394)One revolution of the sun around the centre of the galaxy is called-
Light year Solar year
Cosmic year Astronomical year
Answer :

395)What would be the colour of the sky if there is no sun?
Red Blue
Orange Black
Answer :

396)The largest circle that can be drawn on the surface of the earth is equal to the-
tropic of cancer tropic of capricorn
equator arctic circle
Answer :

397)Which of the following proves that the earth is spherical?
Rotation of the earth Revolution of the earth
Solar eclipse Lunar eclipse
Answer :

398)When a ship croses the international date line from west to east it
loses a day gains a day
does not lose of gain gains half a day
Answer :

399)Which one of the following represents the greatest distance of the earth from the sun?
Apihelion Perihelion
Apogee Perigee
Answer :

400)Why is it six months long day in the northern polar region and six months long night in southern polar region?
Earth is rotating on its axis Earth is revolving around the sun
Earth is inclined on its orbital plane None of these
Answer :

401)The planet that take more time for rotation than revolution is
Mercury Mars
Venus Jupitar
Answer :

402)The planet that spins on it axis at the fastest rate is
Mars Jupitar
Mercury Neptune
Answer :

403)The colour of lunar sky during the day time is
Blue Red
White Black
Answer :

404)Which of the following is true about a star that appears blue?
Hotter than sun Cooler than sun
As cool as the moon As hot as the sun
Answer :

405)The outer most layer of the sun is called-
photosphere corona
convection zone chromosphere
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