376)Magnetic meridian is an imaginary
vertical plane point
horizontal plane line along north-south
Answer :

377)The line joining places of equal values of horizontal component of earth's magnetic field are called
Aclinic lines Isoclinic lines
Isogonic lines Isodynamic lines
Answer :

378)The twin planet of the earth is
Jupital Mars
Mercury Venus
Answer :

379)The circle of illumination divides the earth into two hemispheres known as
North and South East and West
Day and Night Summer and Winter
Answer :

380)The sun produces heat and light by
Chemical reactions Nuclear reaction
Biological reactions Ionic reactions
Answer :

381)One year on Mercury equal to
92 days 88 days
85 days 83 days
Answer :

382)Why do we have leap year every four years?
The length of a year is not an integer number of days It is a convention
The revolution slows down a little once every four years The earth gets shifted out of orbit every four years
Answer :

383)The Great Bear is a
Galaxy Star
Constellation Planet
Answer :

384)The term Goldilocks Zone is the
search for meteorites containing precious metals limit of the habitable zone abobe the surface of the earth
regions inside the earth where shale gas is available search for the earth like planets in the outer space
Answer :

385)Consider the following factors
I. Air pressure and wind
II. Density of ocean water
III. Rotation of earth
IV. Revolution of the earth
The factors that influence the ocean currents are
I, II and IV I, II and III
I and II I, II and III
Answer :

386)Foucault experiment establishes
Revolution of the earth Rotation of the earth
Revolution of the moon Revolution of the sun
Answer :

387)The completes one rotation on its axis in
24 hours 23 hours 30 minutes
23 hours 50 minutes 23 hours 56 minutes
Answer :

388)An artificial satellite does not fall down because the attraction of the earth
provides the necessary accleration for its motion provides the necessary speed for the motion
is neutralized by the attraction of moon does not exist at such distance
Answer :

389)The summer and winter seasons in a year caused by
variation of solar isolation aphelion and perihelion
revolution of the earth on its inclined axis none of the
Answer :

390)Which of the following is responsible for the variation in the length of day and night?
Revolution of the earth on its inclined axis Latitudinal position of a place
Rotation of the earth on its axis Revolution of the earth around the sun in an elliptical orbit
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