361)A stretch of land surrounded by water on three sides is known a
Delta Peninsula
Strait None of these
Answer :

362)The caspian sea, the largest inland sea or lake in the world is in the continent of
Asia Europe
Africa America
Answer :

363)A sanctuary for rhinoceros in India at
Chandraprabha Corbett
Kaziranga Bandipura
Answer :

364)The headquarters of the Geological Survey of India are located in
Kolkata New Delhi
Mumbai Chennai
Answer :

365)Earthquake waves are recorded on a
Barograph Hydrograph
Pantograph Seismograph
Answer :

366)The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves is called
Exosphere Troposphere
Inosphere Stratosphere
Answer :

367)Pressure conditions can be shown on a map by
Isobars Isohyets
Isotherms Isohalines
Answer :

368)Which of the following rivers corsses the Equator twice?
Tigris Amazon
Nile Congo
Answer :

369)The line passing through places of same height above the sea level is known as
Isohyet Isobars
Parallel Contour
Answer :

370)Where is the origin of the Brahmaputra river?
Lidav Valley Nepal
Kailash Manasarovar
Answer :

371)By waht name is Ganga known in Bangladesh?
Bhagirathi Padma
Meghna Rupnarayan
Answer :

372)Which one of the following is called the roof of the world?
The Andes The Alps
Pamir Plateau The Alpines
Answer :

373)The busiest of the sea trade routes is
South Atlantic route North Atlantic route
Cape of Good Hope route Suez Canal
Answer :

374)Orographic rainfall occurs along the
Aravallis Himalayas
Eastern Ghats Jaintia Hills
Answer :

375)The twin cities of India are
Mumbai - Poona Mysore - Bangalore
Hyderabad - Secundrabad Delhi - New Delhi
Answer :

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