346)Falkland Island is located in the
Pacific ocean Atlantic Ocean
Indian ocean None of these
Answer :

347)City of seven hills is
Rome Paris
New York Mumbai
Answer :

348)Which of the following occures more frequently in the Indian ocean
Typhoons Tornadoes
Hurricanes Cyclones
Answer :

349)Al-Aqsa mosque is located at
Jerusalem Rome
Beirut Rome
Answer :

350)Land of Morning Calm is
Turkey Hongkong
Japan Korea
Answer :

351)Which country is called the playground of Europe?
England France
Switzerland Holand
Answer :

352)Rock salt deposits in India are located in
Andhra Pradesh Himachal Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh Assam
Answer :

353)The deltas of Nile, Ganga, Indus, Irrawady and Hwangho are of
Bird's foot digitate type Estuarine type
Arcuate type None of these
Answer :

354)An arm-chair shaped hollow which is enlarged and deepened by glacier is called
Cirque Delta
Piedmont None of these
Answer :

355)The rock material accumulated in a heap at the terminus of a glacier is called
Terminal moraine Lateral moraine
Piedmont None of these
Answer :

356)Rocks formed by solidification of Magma are called
Metamorphic rocks Sedimentary rocks
Igneous rocks None of these
Answer :

357)The clouds which are like a dark-grey sheet extending from one side of the horizon to other and have a uniform base are called
Cirrus clouds Nimbus clouds
Cumulus clouds Stratus clouds
Answer :

358)Rainfall on a map is shown by
Isotherms Isohyets
Isobars Isotopes
Answer :

359)Which one of the following is a winter crop of the Nile delta?
Rice Corn
Wheat Sugarcane
Answer :

360)The visible yellow face of the Sun is called
Ionosphere Photosphere
Stratosphere Corona
Answer :

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