331)THe Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf are connected by the
Hormuz strait Palk Strait
Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb Strait of Messina
Answer :

332)New York is situated on the bank of the river
Danube Hudson
Thames Seine
Answer :

333)The largest city founded on the bank of river Ravi is
Jaipur Lahore
Islamabad Lucknow
Answer :

334)An extremely narrow stretch of land joining two large land areas is known as
Bay Strait
Isthumus Peninsula
Answer :

335)The diameter of the Sun is how many times greater than of the earth?
109 100
72 85
Answer :

336)Worls's largest museum is situated in
Mumbai Delhi
London New York
Answer :

337)On which river bank is Lucknow situated?
Ganges Gomti
Jamuna Ravi
Answer :

338)Central Building research Institute is located at
Delhi Lucknow
Dehradun Roorkee
Answer :

339)Which is the longest tunnel in the world?
Simpson (Switzerland) Jawahar (Kashmir, India)
East Finchley Modern (UK) Appenine (Italy)
Answer :

340)The highest waterfall is
Ribbon Jog Falls
Angel King George
Answer :

341)Which Indian state has largest Sandal Wood forest?
Maharastra Kerala
Karnataka Assam
Answer :

342)The largest delta in the world is
Sunderban Majuli (Assam)
Amazon Everest
Answer :

343)The smallest country in the world ( area wise ) is
Vatican City Grenada
Moraco Israel
Answer :

344)Moscow is situated on the bank of river
Spree Tigris
Moskva Tagus
Answer :

345)The Ocean of Storms is the name given to
Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean
Antartic ocean A waterless area on the surface of the moon
Answer :

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