286)Leeds is well known for
films woollen textile
iron smelting cotton textile
Answer :

287)Cadis in Spain is famous for
oranges oil
wine cork
Answer :

288)In an oil well what is the ascending order (from bottom to top) of oil, water and gas?
oil, gas, water water, oil, gas
gas, water, oil water, gas, oil
Answer :

289)Trees shed their leaves in winter season to
conserve water conserve heat
take rest after the summer growth escape being eaten by animals
Answer :

290)Cotton fibre is obtained from the
leaf root
fruit stem
Answer :

291)Duncan Pass is located between
North and South Andaman South and Little Andaman
Andaman and Nicobar North and Middle Andaman
Answer :

292)World silk production has declined due to
lack of silk labour lack of demand
lack of remunerative prices competition from manmade fibre
Answer :

293)Earthquakes are recorded and measured by
quakograph shock detector
seismograph barograph
Answer :

294)Echo-sounding is the technique applied to
measure the amplitude of sound waves record earthquake waves
record the density of air in the atmosphere measure the depth of sea
Answer :

295)On which of the rivers is the famous Kariba Dam located?
Niger Nile
Amazon Zambezi
Answer :

296)The southern most limit of India (main land) is
8o 4' N latitude 6o 4' N latitude
8o 6' N latitude 6o 8' N latitude
Answer :

297)The northern most limit of India is
37o 8' N latitude 37o 4' N latitude
37o 12' N latitude 37o 6' N latitude
Answer :

298)The length of Indi's coastline is about
6100km 6500km
7100km 7500km
Answer :

299)The total area of India is about
31 lakh sq km 33 lakh sq km
35 lakh sq km 36 lakh sq km
Answer :

300)What percentage of world area does India occupy?
2.4% 3.4%
4.4% 5.4%
Answer :

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