271)When the tide producing forces of sun and moon act in a straight line complementing each other, it produces
normal tide tidal bores
neap tide spring tide
Answer :

272)Which of the following are wrongly match?
1. Tropic of Cancer                         23 1/2 degree N latitude
2. Tropic of Capricorn                      66 1/2 degree N latitude
3. International Date Line                  0 degree longitude
4. Antarctic circle                         66 1/2 degree S latitude
1 only 1, 2 and 3
2 and 3 None of these
Answer :

273)The order of the layers in the atmosphere upwards from below
stratosphere, troposphere, ionosphere and exosphere troposphere, stratosphere, ionosphere and exosphere
exosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, and ionosphere troposphere, stratosphere, exosphere, and ionosphere
Answer :

274)Identify the factors responsible for change in seasons on the earth's surface
1. Rotation of the earth
2. Revolution of the earth
3. Inclination of the earth
4. Rotation of the sun
1 and 2 2 nad 3
1, 2 and 3 all of them
Answer :

275)The leeward side of a mountain which does not receive rain fall is known as the
desert area rain-shadow area
adiabatically dry area dry zone
Answer :

276)Plateaus situated in between plains and mountains are called
piedmont plateaus peninsular plateaus
internontane plateaus continental plateaus
Answer :

277).The Red sea is an example pf a
faulted structure lava structure
residual structure folded structure
Answer :

278)Metamorphic rocks originate from
sedimentary rocks igneous rock
both of them none of them
Answer :

279)Which one is organic rock?
marble slate
coal granite
Answer :

280)The crustal layer of the earth is also called
moho nife
sial sima
Answer :

281)What is the most common salt in sea water?
sodium chloride magnesiun sulphate
potasium chloride calcium carbonate
Answer :

282)For what is Philadelphia well known?
Locomotives Silk textiles
Dairy industry Ship building
Answer :

283)The boundary between North and South Korea is marked by the
49th parallel 38th parallel
Radcliffe Line 17th parallel
Answer :

284)Which countries are seperated by the 49th parallel?
USA and Mexico USA and Canada
France and Germany USSR and China
Answer :

285)What is Baku famous for?
aircraft industry ship building
petroleum iron smelting
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