256)When and by whom where the rings of saturn discovered?
Newton, 1682 Tycho Brahe, 1590
Copernicus, 1640 Galileo 1610
Answer :

257)The distance the earth covers in one complete revolution around the sun
8.4 X 106km 9.4 X 108km
15.0 X 1010km 20.4 X 106km
Answer :

258)The temperature at the surface and core of the sun respectively about
6000K and 20 million K 8000K and 15 million K
9000K and 12 million K 10000K and 10 million K
Answer :

259)Nearly what proportion of the total amount of sun's energy coming to the earth is directly reflected back into the space by its top atmosphere?
One third One fourth
One fifth One tenth
Answer :

260)The number of constellations in the Milky Way Galaxy is
6 8
10 12
Answer :

261)Which planet reflects back the highest percentage of light it receives from the sun compare to any other planets in the solar system?
Jupitar Mars
Venus Earth
Answer :

262)Who wrote the book "The Harmonics of the World"?
Johannes Kepler Issac Newton
Albert Einstein Giordano Bruno
Answer :

263)The apparent motion of celestial objects as seen from earth is from east to west
Because celestial objects move from east to west due to daily rotation of the Earth on its axis
due to the revolution of the earth None of these
Answer :

264)What will happen if the earth stops its rotation on its axis ?
There will be no seasons on the earth There will be no day and night as it is now
The earth will be very hot plane like mercury None of these
Answer :

265)The sun is
Made of rock and metal a solid body
a mass of hot gases partly rock and metal and partly hor gases
Answer :

266)Nebular hypothesis is a theory about the origin of the
planets solar system
sun galaxy
Answer :

267)Triton is a natural satellite of
Saturn Uranus
Neptune Jupiter
Answer :

268)Why does the moon always keep roughly the same face turned towards us?
because it does not rotate on its axis because it does not have atmosphere
because it takes almost the same time to rotate on its axis and to go around the earth because its surface is identical everywhere
Answer :

269)Who among the following invented the principle of reflecting telescope, which is now used as the world's largest optical telescope?
Isaac Newton Galileo Galilie
Tycho Brahe Nicolas Copernicus
Answer :

270)The first planet to be discovered with a telescope was
Mars Saturn
Uranus Jupiter
Answer :

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