241)A comet
Has a tail always pointing away from the sun Has a tail always pointing towards the sun
Has a tail sometimes pointing towards the sun and sometimes away from the sun Does not have any tail
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242)What is the significance of the time-period 26000 years in relation to the earth?
It represents the time period needed for conical movement of the earth's axis around a line joining the ecliptic poles for one complete round It represent the time taken by the earth along with the sun and other planets to complete one round in the galaxy
It represents the time period in which earth's atmosphere shows perceptible change in its composition None of these
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243)Which of the following statements regarding the movement of the planets round the sun is false?
The speed of movement of the planets are not constant Speed is maximum when the plantes are nearer to the sun
Speed is maximum when the planets are farther from the sun Speed is less when the planets are farther from the sun
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244)Whose astronomical observation did Johannes Kepler used to formulate his three laws of planetary motion?
Nicolas Copernicus Galileo Galilei
Tycho Brahe Ptolemy
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245)The study of motion of of which of the following planets around the sun led Johannes Kepler to formulate his famous three laws of planetary motion?
Mars Venus
Mercury Saturn
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246)"Galileo Satellites" are four large moons of the planet
Neptune Saturn
Jupiter Uranus
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247)Who was the first person to measure the size of another planet?
Galileo Galilie Issac Newton
Christian Huygens Giordano Bruno
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248)Who was the first to speculate thet Venus is completely covered with clouds?
Giordano Bruno Copernicus
Christian Huygens Descartes
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249)What quantity of hydrogen in the sun is converted into helium every second?
4 X 1014 grams 3 X 1018 grams
2 X 1024 grams 2 X 1040 grams
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250)How many hydrogen neclei combine to form a helium nucleus in the sun.
2 4
3 5
Answer :

251)Titan is the moon of
Jupiter saturn
Uranus None of these
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252)The name of the path of the sun amongst the stars in our galaxy is
Ecliptic Celestial sphere
Elliptical path Zodiacal path
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253)The visible part of the sun is called
Troposphere Hydrosphere
Heliosphere Photosphere
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254)In sixteenth century the king of Denmark built the finest observatory in the world on an island near Copenhagen and called it city of heavens, for the use of a famous scientist. Who was the scientist?
Nicolas Copernicus Issac Newton
Tycho Brahe Galileo Galilei
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255)Which of the following statements in regard to the planets of the solar system is not correct?
All the planets move round the sun in different elliptic paths All the planets rotate from west to east on its axis
All the planets are made up of rocks and metals All the planets shine because they reflect the sun light
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