226)The mas of the sun is nearly
1030 kg 2x1030 kg
3x1030 kg 51030 kg
Answer :

227)Mow much of the surface of the moon is visible from the earth?
About 40% More than 75 %
About 59 % About 49%
Answer :

228)The rate of rotation of the earth on its axis is highest on
January 4 December 22
July 4 It never changes
Answer :

229)The south pole experiences continuous light at the time of
Summer solistice Winter Solistice
Vernal Equinox Autumnal Equinox
Answer :

230)The centre of the solar system is
A Black hole Sunspot
Sun Earth
Answer :

231)The path in which the planets orbit around the sun is
Circle Ellipse
Parabola Hyparabola
Answer :

232)How many years ago the earth has come into existence ?

3.5 million years 5.7billion years
4.6 million years 6.8 billion years
Answer :

233)How many days does the Moon take to return to the same position among the constellations ?
26 Days 28 Days
29 Days None of these
Answer :

234)Which of the following planets takes the least time to complete one revolution around the sun?
Mercury Earth
Venus Mars
Answer :

235)Which of the following planets has maximum (63) number of moons ?
Jupitar Urenus
Saturn Mars
Answer :

236)Why it is difficult to observe the plante mercury most of the time?
It is too far from the earth Its lies away from the earth's orbit
The glare of the sun ussualy keeps it hidden as it is too close to the sun It revolves round the sun in such a way that it cannot be seen from the earth easily.
Answer :

237)Name the two planets that appears as "morning star" eastern sky and "evening star" in the western sky respectively.
Mars and Venus Saturn and Jupitar
Jupitar and Mars Mercury and Venus
Answer :

238)Who was the first to determine that the day on the Mars is like ours approximately 24 hours long?
Copernicus Issac Newton
Christian Huygens Giordano Bruno
Answer :

239)How long does a sun ray takes to reach the earth?
400 Seconds 450 Seconds
500 Seconds 550 Seconds
Answer :

240)On the day when the sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in
Perihelion Aphelion
Apogee Perigee
Answer :

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