211)The planet Neptune discovered in 1846 and after that it has been seen back in the same position where it was discovered recently in the year
2010 2011
2013 2014
Answer :

212)The revolution time of the planet Jupitar is
11.86 Years 84 Years
160 Years 100 Years
Answer :

213)The biggest star in our galaxy is
Proxima Centuari Epsilon Aurigae
Sun Sirius
Answer :

214)The nearest star except the sun to the earth
Sirius Proxima Centuari
Epsilon Aurigae None of these
Answer :

215)Who observed the sun spot first time?
Halley Galileo
Newton None of these
Answer :

216)What are sunspots?
The areas of the sun where nuclear fission takes place The areas of the sun where the heat is most intense which shows up as dark spot
These are great flames of gases which shoot out of the sun These are cooler areas which move about on the sun's surface and shows up as dark spots.
Answer :

217)Which planet takes almost same time as the earth to rotate on its own axis?
Mercury Jupitar
Mars Neptune
Answer :

218)Which comet appears every 76 years?
Halley's Holme's
Donati's None of these
Answer :

219)The largest number of moons that a planet in the solar system has is
23 43
53 63
Answer :

220)Which of the following makes the planet saturn unique in the solar system?
It has a well developed system of rings around it It is the biggest planet in the solar system
It shows phases like our moon It sends strong radio active signals which sound like sea waves
Answer :

221)Which of the following stars marks fairly precisely the position where the axis of rotation of the Earth cuts the celestial sphere?
Dhruva Sirius
Gemini Arcturus
Answer :

222)Which of the following statement about the sun is wrong?
It is medium sized star of average brightness among million of other stars The motion of all the members of the solar system is governed by the gravitational force of the sun
It revolves round the eight planets ih the solar system All the statements are correct
Answer :

223)What is the distance between the earth and the sun
100x106 km 120x106 km
125x106 km 150x106 km
Answer :

224)How many times is the sun bigger than the earth?
79 times 89 times
99 times 109 times
Answer :

225)How many times is the sun heavier than the earth?
3,30,000 times 3,00,000 times
2,70,000 times 2,80,000 times
Answer :

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