166)Which of the alternatives is/are correctly matched?
i) Eskimo ---- Canada
ii) Oran --- Nowray
iii) Lapps --- India
iv) Gonds --- Africa
(i) and (ii) (ii) and (iii)
(iv) (i)
Answer :

167)Which one is wrongly matched?
Pygmies ---- Zaire Papuans --- New guinea
Veddas ---Nepal Kikuyu ---- Kenya
Answer :

168)Of which the region is rice the most important crops?
Steppes Equatorial
Tropical monsoon Mediterranean
Answer :

169)The most important activity of the tundra region is
cattle rearing cropping
fish farming hunting
Answer :

170)Which region is most famous for citrus fruit?
monsoon region deserts
mediterranean region temperate grasslands
Answer :

171)What is the most important crop of the temperate grasslands?
cereals date
citrus fruit sugarcane
Answer :

172)Which area is important for soft wood forest?
monsoon regions mid-latitude deserts
tundra regions cold temperate regions
Answer :

173)The largest producer of groundnuts is
India Zaire
Nepal Sudan
Answer :

174)Which country is the highest producers of tobacco?
India Pakistan
China Nepal
Answer :

175)The largest quantity of barley produces in
Russia USA
India China
Answer :

176)The largest produceer of long staple cotton is
USA Nepal
Bhutan China
Answer :

177)India is the largest produces of
Meat Pork
butter cheese
Answer :

178)The largest produces of fish is
China India
Japan USSR
Answer :

179)The largest producers of mutton are
USA and Australia Argentina and Australia
New Zealand and Argentina New Zealand and Australia
Answer :

180)Aluminium ore is known as
bauxite pyrite
lignite anthracite
Answer :

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