151)Sugar Bowl of the World is
Brazil Vietnam
Cuba China
Answer :

152) Chronometer is an instrument used to
keep time accurately measure wind velocity
find wind direction measure humidity
Answer :

153) Laterisation occurs in
warm, humid areas poorly drained areas
cool temperate areas riverine tracks
Answer :

154)Which soil is most common in the Indo-Gangetic Plains
regular podzol
alluvial laterite
Answer :

155) To which group does the blacl cotton soil of India belongs?
podzol alluvial
chernozem laterite
Answer :

156)The term "epicenter" is associated with
earthquake folding
faulting earth's interior
Answer :

157)The best way to to define rock types will be
I\igneous-carbonic-metamorphic sedimentary-igneous-limestone
igneous-metamorphic-marble igneous-sedimentary-metamorphic
Answer :

158) As one moves from the equator to the poles along a meriadian
the variety of plants and animals decrease the variety of plants and animals increase
the variety of plants increase and animals decrease the variety of plants decrease and animals increase
Answer :

159) Polynesians are believed to be a subgroup of
Mongoloids caucasoids
Hottentots Negroids
Answer :

160) What is the name given to native American Indians?
Bushman Alpine
Amerinds Mestizoes
Answer :

161) Bindibu are native of
South America Australia
Canada North Europe
Answer :

162) One of the the groups of people inhabitating the Asiatic tundra is the
Vedda Pygmy
Samoyed Guacho
Answer :

163) The homeland of the Yakuts is
Kenya North India
Iran Russian tundra
Answer :

164) Lapps inhabit
European stepps East Africa
South American grasslands European tundra
Answer :

165) The aborigines of North America are called
Hamites Mestizoes
Red Indians Semites
Answer :

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