76)The major emphasis in the First Five Year plan was
agriculture industry
employment generation export promotin
Answer :

77)At the time of First Five Year plan, India was suffering from
refugees\' problem food shortage
rising prices all of these
Answer :

78)The Rolling Plan was designed for the period
1978-83 1980-85
1985-90 1990-95
Answer :

79)\'Food, Work, and Productivity\' was the slogan of
sixth plan seventh plan
eighth plan none of these
Answer :

80)The national income of a nation is the
government\'s annual revenue sum total of factor incomes
surplus of public sector undertaking export minus imports
Answer :

81)The difference between GNP and NNP is equal to the
consumer expenditure on durable goods direct tax revenue
indirect tax revenue capital depreciation
Answer :

82)Which one of the following is not a method of estimating national income?
product method export-import method
income method expenditure method
Answer :

83)The national income in India is estimated by the
Indian Standard Institute Indian Statistical Institute
Central Statistical Organisation National Council of Applied Economic Research
Answer :

84)The \'garibi hatao\' (eradicate poverty) slogan was coined during the
First Plan Second Plan
Third Plan Fourth Plan
Answer :

85)Minimum Needs Programmme was initiated during the
First Plan Second Plan
Third Plan Fourth Plan
Answer :

86)Adult education was added to the Minimum Needs Programme during
Fourth Plan Fifth Plan
Sixth Plan Seventh Plan
Answer :

87)Inflation is caused by
increase in money supply increase in production
decrease in production both (a) and (c)
Answer :

88)Which one of the following is not a cure of inflation?
better capacity utilisation lowering bank rate
public distribution system lowering budget deficit
Answer :

89)Which of the following is not a feature of Indian agriculture?
inequalities of land distribution inadequate credit facilites
majority of big farmers low level of productivity
Answer :

90)Land reforms provide
finance for improving fertility of land holdings incentives and encouragement to land owners
incentives and encouragement to actual tillers finance for setting water pumps
Answer :

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