61)The policy of family planning was adopted by government of India in
1947 1952
1951 1950
Answer :

62)Structural unemployment arises due to
deflationary condition heavy industry bias
shortage of raw materials inadequate productive capacity
Answer :

63)The phenomenon of structural unemployment is
temporary chronic
seasonal cyclical
Answer :

64)Disguised unemployment refers to
persons with no job more persons employed for a job which can be done by few persons
unemployment among women none of these
Answer :

65) Most of the disguised unemployment persons in area found in
agriculture industrial
trade transport
Answer :

66)Open unemployment refers to the people
who are not willing to work who are willing but do not get work
who leave their jobs in search of better ones who have been dismissed
Answer :

67)Seasonal unemployment refers to
private sector public sector
agriculture banks
Answer :

68)Unemployment in India is due to
poor manpower population explosion
inappropriate education system all of these
Answer :

69)The nature of usual status unemployment is
seasional disguised
chronic frictional
Answer :

70)The planning commission of India was established in
1942 1950
1951 1947
Answer :

71)The planning commission of India is
a statutory body an advisory body
a constitutional body autonomous body
Answer :

72)The ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission of India is the
Prime Minister Finance Minister
Governor of RBI Planning Minister
Answer :

73)Jawaharlal Nehru\'s main emphasis in planning was on development of
trade and commerce small scale industries
employment generation basic and heavy industries
Answer :

74)Which one of the following is not a feature of India\'s economic planning?
imperative planning limited centralisation
democratic socialism indicative planning
Answer :

75)Which one of the following is not an objective of India\'s economic planning?
population growth industrial growth
self reliance employment generation
Answer :

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