31)National income ignores
sales of a firm. salary of employees.
export of IT sector. sale of land.
Answer :

32)What are G. arboreum, G. herbaceum, G. hirsutum and G. barbadense, whose all the four species are cultivated in India? (G = Gossypium)
Species of wool. Species of cotton.
Species of silk. Species of jute.
Answer :

33)Which one of the following statements about globalisation is not correct?
Advocates of globalisation argue that it will result in greater economic growth. Critics of globalisation argue that it will result in greater economic disparity.
Advocates of globalisation argue that it will result in cultural homogenisation. Critics of globalisation argue that it will result in cultural homogenisation.
Answer :

34)Invisible export means export of
Perishable goods Prohibited goods
Unrecorded goods Services
Answer :

35)In Banking term NPA means
No promise Account Non Performing Asset
New Performing Asset Non Personal Account
Answer :

36)Which one of the following organizations is established mainly to promote Micro, Small
Answer :

37)In economic terms, the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year is known as
Inflation Wealth of Nation
Answer :

38)Which of the following is one of the indications of Human Development Index (HDI)?
Life expectancy at birth. Total cost of the agricultural land with family.
Total area of the agricultural land with family Nature of employment, casual/permanent or semi permanent.
Answer :

39)Which of the following is one of the measures of economic growth of a country?
Volume of Direct Investment made by foreign countries. Number of companies listed on the stock exchanges.
Gross Domestic Product of the nation. Number of foreign nationals working in a country.
Answer :

40)Which of the following economic concept is categorised on the basis of Current Account or Capital Account?
Balance of payment. Value of the food grain stock of a country.
Gross National Product. Gross National Income
Answer :

41)Which one of the following Acts is introduced for the purpose of sustainable growth?
Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act. Narcotics and Psychotropic Substance Act.
Foreign Exchange Management Act. Banking Regulation Act.
Answer :

42)Which of the following is the purpose of introducing \'Know Your Customer\' norms by the bank?
To bring more people under the banking net. Identify the people who do not pay Income Tax.
To ensure that money deposited in the banks has come from genuine sources. To ensure whether the money deposited in the bank is of an Indian or a foreign national.
Answer :

43)Which one of the following does not come under industrial sector?
Mining Manufacturing
Banking Utility
Answer :

44)Which of the following Acts helps a bank in its day to day activities?
Competition Act. Negotiable Instruments Act.
NRI Act. Hindu Succession Act.
Answer :

45)Lake of access to financial services is technically termed as
financial instability financial inclusion
financial stability financial exclusion
Answer :

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