286)In the following demand curves which one is not a constant elasticity curve?
Horizontal Vertical
Tectangular hyperbola Linear
Answer :

287)Which among the following is not included in Small Saving Scheme in India?
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme Public Provident Fund
Public sector bank saving deposit National Saving Certificate
Answer :

288)In classified data the statistical calculations are based on
the lower class limit the upper class limit
the mid point of classes the actual value of observation
Answer :

289)To which of the following the economic survey of India is related?
Finance Commission Ministry of Finance
NITI Ayog Planning Commission
Answer :

290)Which of the following indicates Micro Approach (from national point of view)?
Per capita income Educated unemployment
Inflation None of these
Answer :

291)Under perfect competition the control over the price of a commodity by the producer is
Considerable None
Some extent Total
Answer :

292)Economic growth in a country will necessarily occur if
there is population growth there is capital formation
there is technical growth in the world there is growth in the volume of trade in the world
Answer :

293)___________ is a pure unitless number.
Absolute measure of dispersion Relative measure of dispersion
Statistical average Mathematical average
Answer :

294)Economic growth is coupled with
Inflation Deflation
Hyperinflation Stagflation
Answer :

295)The average that affeted by extreme observations is
Mode Mean
Arithmatic mean Geometric mean
Answer :

296)Out of the following which one is not an item of transfer payment?
Subsidy Dividend
Scholarship Pension
Answer :

297)In a closed economy
only exports take place Only imports take place
the money supply is fully controlled Neither exports nor imports take plae
Answer :

298)_________ is the average of second order
Geometric mean Arithmetic mean
Second quartile Standard deviation
Answer :

299)In an economy the term "Take off stage" means
all controlls are removed steady growth starts
the economy is about to collapse economy is stagnant
Answer :

300)Classical unemployment is
Frictional Structural
Disguised Open
Answer :

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