16)In which year, the new currency \'Euro\' was introduced.
1996 1999
1998 1997
Answer :

17)Economic planning refers to
the mobilisation of taxes the acquisition of foreign capital
the allocation of resources the planning of manpower
Answer :

18)The theory of economic drain of India during British period was propounded by
M. K. Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru
Dadabhai Naoroji R. C. Dutta
Answer :

19)The budget deficit refers to the difference between all revenue and expendituire of
revenue account only capital account only
both revenue and capital accounts Increased government expenditure
Answer :

20)GNP is equal to
total output of goods and services in one year total output minus intermediate consumption
total output minus savings total output plus total factor payments
Answer :

21)A situation of monopoly in the market refers to
one seller one buyer many seller one buyer
many seller many buyer one seller many buyer
Answer :

22)Green revolution has led to
an increase in the regional inequalities an increase in inter-personal inequalities
maximum addition to wheat production all of these
Answer :

23)A balance economic growth means
different sectors of the economy grow at their natural rates of growth different parts of the economy grow in harmonious manner
equal percentage of growth in output over a period of few years equal increase in resource allocation in all areas
Answer :

24)The immediate effect of devaluation by a country is
fall in deman for imports a boost to import-competing industries
that exports become more competetive all of the above
Answer :

25) When the productive capacity of the economic system of a state in inadequate to create sufficient number of jobs, it is called
seasonal unemployment. structural unemployment.
disguised unemployment. cyclic unemployment
Answer :

26)Fiscal policy in India is formulated by
the Reserve Bank of India. the Planning Commission.
the Finance Ministry. the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
Answer :

27)which one of the following is not a clause of World Trade Organization.
Most favoured nation treatment. Lowering the trade barriers with negotiations.
Providing financial support to the countries having deficit balance of payments. Discouraging unfair trade practices such as anti-dumping and export subsidies.
Answer :

28)Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) related to
the World Bank. the Reserve Bank of India.
the World Trade Organization. the International Monetary Fund.
Answer :

29)Which of the following measures should be taken when an economy is going through inflationary pressure?
The direct tax should be increased The interest rate should be reduced.
The public spending should be increased None of these
Answer :

30)The basis of European Union begun with the signing of
Maastricht Treaty Treaty of Paris
Treaty of Rome Treaty of Lisbon
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