256)The statement that describes the fiscal stimulus is
It is an intense affirmativeaction of the government to boost economic activity in the ecountry It is a massive investment by the government in manufacturing sector to ensure the supply of goods to meet the demand surge due to rapid economic growth
It is an extreme affirmative activity by the government to pursue its policy of fiscal inclusion It is intensive action by the government on financial institutions to ensure dirsbursment of loans to agriculture and allied sectors to promote greater food production and contain food inflation
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257)Who fixes the REPO rate in India?
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258)The CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) is a tool of
Fiscal policy Tax policy
Agricultural policy Monetary policy
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259)An Indirect instrument of monetary policy is
Statutory liquidity ration Cash Reserve Ratio
Open market operations Bank rate
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260)The market system where there are only two buyers facing a large number of sellers is
monopoly duopsony
duopoly oligopoly
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261)Which of the following is NOT a component of foreign exchange reserves in India?
SDR holdings of government Foreign exchange assets of RBI
Gold stock of RBI Foreign exchange assets of government
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262)The most appropriate measure of a countr's economic growth is
Net Domestic Product Gross Domestic Product
Net National Product Per capita Real Income
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263)Import substitution means
Replacing import items by domestic production of such items Increasing domestic supply of goods by imposing import restrictions
Gradual reduction of imported goods to save foreign exchange Importing new items in place of old items of import
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264)The economy where the factors of production owned individually is
Socialist Capitalist
Mixed None of these
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265)The committee that examined and suggestied financial reforms is
Bhagwati Committee Chelliah Committee
Abid Hussain Committee Narasimhan Committee
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266)What should India do to get the full benefits of its demographic divident?
Introducing more social security schemes Promoting skill development
Privatization of higher education Reducing infant mortality
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267)Economic liberalization in India started with
Significant reduction in tax rates The convertibility of Indian rupee
doing away with procedural investment substantial changes in industrial licensing policy
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268)The positional average is given by
Standard Deviation Mean Deviation
Median Mean
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269)Which one of the following formulates the fiscal policy in India?
Planning Commission RBI
Ministry of Finance Finance Commission
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270)When did India become a member of the International Monetary Fund?
1947 1951
1952 1945
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