241)The RBI was nationalized in
1947 1949
1951 1955
Answer :

242)The central banking functions in India are performed by the
Central Bank of India State Bank of India
Reserve Bank of India Punjab National Bank
Answer :

243)Which of the following is not a function of the RBI?
custodian of foreign exchange bankers' bank
banker to the public bank issue
Answer :

244)The RBI has helped to finance India's foreign trade through
NABARD State Bank of India
Answer :

245)The RBI has been following the policy of
controlled monetary contraction controlled monetary expansion
unrestricted monetary contraction unrestricted monetary expansion
Answer :

246)The RBI"s methods of credit control may be broadly divided into two parts
open and close monetary and fiscal
rural and urban quantitative and qualitative
Answer :

247)Which of the following is a selective credit control method?
RBI directives bank rate
open market operations cash reserve ratio
Answer :

248)The RBI use the following instruments for quantitative control of credit
1. cash requirement ratio
2. sattutory liquidity ratio
3. open market ratio
4. margin requirements
1 and 2 2 and 3
1, 2 and 3 all of them
Answer :

249)Bank rate is the rate at which the RBI extends credit to the
foreign countries public
agriculture commercial banks
Answer :

250)The open market operations refer to the sale and purchase by the RBI of
foreign exchange gold
government securities iron and steel
Answer :

251)The RBI publishes statistical information relating to banking and other financial sectors of Indian economy in the
Report on currency and Finance Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
both of these none of these
Answer :

252)The Reserve Bank of India Bulletin is published every
fortnight month
six month year
Answer :

253)The Report on Currency and Finance is published every
fortnight month
six months year
Answer :

254)Which of the following is not an indigenous bank?
Chettis Sarafs
Mahajans Land Development Banks
Answer :

255)Indigenous banks are under the direct control of the
RBI State Bank of India
Regional Rural Banks none of these
Answer :

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