211)Industrial licensing has been abolished for all industries by the July 1991 Industrial Policy statement except for
15 industries 18 industries
22 Industries 25 Industries
Answer :

212)The number of industries reserved for the public sector has been reduced by the July 1991 Industrial Policy from 17 to
8 10
12 13
Answer :

213)Which of the following industries have been reserved for the public sector under July 1991 Industrial Policy?
1. atomic energy
2. coal and lignite
3. mineral oils
4. mining of diamonds
1 and 2 1 and 3
1, 2 and 3 all of them
Answer :

214)A multinational is
a company established with foreign assistance a person who has visited many countries
a company operating in many countries an international body to help developing countries
Answer :

215)The Indian Railways is a
joint sector enterprise departmental enterprise
non-departmental enterprise state government enterprise
Answer :

216)Which of the following cannot be described as an acheivement of the public sector in India
strengthening infrastructure introducing modern technology
over capitalization none of these
Answer :

217)The prices of products of public sector enterprises should be
highly remunerative lower than the costs incurred
able to achieve the social objective none of these
Answer :

218)The all India Khadi and Village Industries Board was set-up during the
First plan Second plan
Third plan Fourth plan
Answer :

219)The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) was set-up during the
First plan Second Plan
Third plan Fourth plan
Answer :

220)SIDO is related to the development of
steel industry small industries
sugar industry soap industry
Answer :

221)CART was set-up in 1982 to
improve the bullock cart promote apple research
provide advanced research and training to veterinary doctors improve technology of rural industries
Answer :

222)The most important small scale industry in India is the
jute industry handloom industry
textile industry paper industry
Answer :

223)The major source of finance for small scale industries is
bank loan foreign aid
public deposits shares and debentures
Answer :

224)The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission was set-up in
1970 1975
1980 1985
Answer :

225)Fiscal policy is connected with
public revenue and expenditure export and import
population control issue of currency
Answer :

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