196)NAFED is connected with
agriculral marketing animal husbandary
conservation of fuels agricultural implements
Answer :

197)The largest wheat producing state in India is
Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
Haryana Punjab
Answer :

198)The largest rice producing state in India is
Madhya Pradesh Bihar
Kerala West Bengal
Answer :

199)The number of regulated agricultural market at the end of 1950-51 was ?
265 375
475 575
Answer :

200)AGMARK is
regulated agricultural market farmers cooperative
a quality gurantee atamp for commodities like eggs, ghee honey ect a cooperative for egg production
Answer :

201)Seventeen basic, heavy and strategic inductries were earmarked to be the exclusive responsibility of the state in the Industrial Policy Resolution (1956). These were under the Schedule
Answer :

202)The Industrial Policy Resolution (1956) stressd the significance of the
private sector small scale sector
mutual dependence between the private and the public sector mutual dependence between the private and the foreign sector
Answer :

203)The Industrial Policy Statement (1973) gave many concessions to the
public sector units private sector units and the mutinationals
small scale and the cottage industries joint sector units
Answer :

204)The Industrial Policy statement (1977) encouraged
public sector units private sector units
multinationals small scale and cottage industries
Answer :

205)The Hazari Committee report in 1967 pointed out the misuse of
industrial licences rural credit
foreign aid bank deposits
Answer :

206)The Industrial Licensing Policy Inquary Committee report in 1969 is popularly known as
Boothalingam Committee Raj Committee
Dutt Committee Rajamannar Committee
Answer :

207)The creation of core sector and a joint sector was proposed by the
Industrial Policy Resolution (1956) Dutt Committee
Industrial Policy Statement (1980 ) Hazari Committee
Answer :

208)The "core" sector does not include
detergents iron and steel
petroleum cooking coal
Answer :

209)The concept of joint sector implies cooperation between
small scale and large scale industries domestic and foreign industries
State government and Central government enterprises public sector and privale sector industries
Answer :

210)Twenty five industries were delicensed in order to cut procedural delays in the areas where additional capacity is required. This step was taken in
December 1982 March 1983
March 1985 May 1986
Answer :

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