151)The word 'Economics' is taken from which language?
English German
French Greek
Answer :

152)The famous economist Thomas Robert Malthus, in his views regarding population, is
Pessimistic optimistic
partly pessimistic partly optimistic None of these
Answer :

153)Non-insurable or uncertainity risk is
change in the price of the comodity Change in fashion
flood fire
Answer :

154)'Gold Bullion Standard' refers to
no restriction on import and export of gold free coinage of gold
gold is the measure of value gold coin is an unlimited legal tender
Answer :

155)As a measure to help countries hit by global financial melt-down the RBI has purchased notes worth US $10 billion in terms of special Drawing Right from a World Organization/ agency. Which one of the is the organization/ agency?
Federal Reserve of USA IMF
Answer :

156)Which of the following is not a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India?
Garden reach Shipyard Mazagaon Dock Ltd
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Bharat Heavy Electricals
Answer :

157)Production of a commodity mostly through the natural process is an activity of
Secondary sector Primary sector
Technology sector Tertiary sector
Answer :

158)The Law od Demand is based on
Consumer's preference Supplier's preference
Manufacturer's preference Seller's preference
Answer :

159)Which one of the following is not a method for computing GNP
Income approach Saving approach
Expenditure approach Valua added approach
Answer :

160)Who said "Rama Rajya through Grama Rajya"?
Sardar Ballab Bhai Patel Mahatma Gandhi
Jayaprakash Narayan Vinoba Bhave
Answer :

161)Cheap money means
low level saving low level income
low rate of interest low level of standar of living
Answer :

162)Under the rule of the IMF, each member is required to declare the par value of its legal tender money in terms of the US dollar and
Gold Pound Sterling
Diamond Silver
Answer :

163)The government of India takes "Ways and means advances" from
Answer :

164)Kisan Credit Card Scheme was introduced in
1994 1996
1998 2000
Answer :

165)A unit price elastic demand curve will touch
only the price axis only the quantity axis
both price and quantity axis neither price nor quantity axis
Answer :

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