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121)Personal logs posted on the web is called
Autobiography Blogs
Life history None of these
Answer :

122)A user interface uses pictute and menues displayed on the screen to send command to the computer.
CUI Menu
GUI List
Answer :

123)An interface uses commands to be typed through keyboard is called
GUI Command
CUI None of these
Answer :

124)Which one of the following tells how to use a software?
Documentation Programing
Technical User menual
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125)Which one of the following is not a broadband internet connection-
DSL Cable
Dial-up Satelite
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126)Software like virus, trojan horse etc that has destructive intend is called
Spam Adware
Malware Liveware
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127)The process of finding errors in a software code is called
Debugging Removing
Compiling Executing
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128)Dividing by zero(0) is ___________ error
syntax semantics
compilalion error run time error
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129)Violation of rules of a programing language in a program is called
run time error semantics error
syntax error none of these
Answer :

130)Which one of the following is open source software
Linux Windows
Ms Office SQL server
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131)The internet is
a communication medium of a business organization a communication system of Govt. of India
large network of networks All of these
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132)Which one of the following is false regarding file name
All file is folder must be unique Two file may have same name or same extension but not the both
File extension refers file type File extension comes before dot(.) then file name
Answer :

133)Verification of login name and password is called
authentication loggin in
identifying none of these
Answer :

134)Which of the following is not likely to be a symptop of virus in a computer
Files deleted Browser opens an unknown home page
Odd message or figures appears on the screen CD-ROM is not functioning
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135)Degree of a database table is
Number of rows in the table Number of columns in the table
Sum of the number of rows and number of columns in the table data record
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