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106)What is ACID stand for (in relation with database management system transaction)
Automatic, Current, Interaction, Duty Atomicity, Concurency, Integrity, Durability
Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability Avoidance, Consistency, Integrity Divice
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107)A proxy server is used for-
To process client's requests for web pages To provide security against unauthorise access
To process client requests for database access To provide TCP/IP
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108)The words that a programing language keep aside for its own use-
Main words Important words
Controlled words Reserved words
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109)Primary diference between virus and worm is
Worms harmful whereas virus not Worms replicate itself whereas virus not
Virus replicate itself worms not Virus harmful whereas worms not
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110)Which one of the following we need if we want to share a broadband connection-
Modem Router
Cable Node)
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111)__________ decribe what is in database fields
Field names Field definition
Structure Field marker
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112)One of the goals of normalization is
to reduce number of tables in a database to reduce number of entries in a table
to reduce data redundancy Reduce number of relationships
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113)Allowing a outside organization to access internal web pages is often done by a(n)________
extranet intranet
internet none of these
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114)Which one of the following identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire website?
Website address URL
Hyperlink None of these
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115)The code a relational database management system uses to do its database tasks is called _______
HLL Sequel server
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116)Which one of the following is a chip
transistor Ingrated circuit
resistor conductance
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117)Primary key uniquely identifies ____________ in a database table
a row a column
field none of these
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118)Diagramitical representation of a program is _____________
syntax logic chart
flow chart program chart
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119)The most frequently used instruction is to be fetched from _________
Register Main memory
Cache memory Hard disk
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120)In a databse, which one of the following contains data description and defines the name, data type and length of each field
data table data dictionary
data field data record
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